Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lily Allen on "The Month"
I personally really enjoyed this interview with Lily. I find myself liking her more and more everyday! PS As for my post about my music, thanks to all the haters! I consider myself a D-List Celebrity now ha!


Anonymous said...

Sean, Just because someone thinks your music sucks, doesn't mean they are a hater. I just really dont like your music. Just like I dont like Rascal Flatts, but does that mean I'm a hater? NO. I'm just telling you that I think your music sucks. It's harsh, but its my opinion.

Sean Dempsey said...

I like you lol

Anonymous said...

I don't like Lilly Allen for the simple reason that she has fueled this "fued" with Katy Perry. Katy apologized for her comments to Lilly, and yet Lilly still continues to talk about Katy in a negative light. She should also learn that Katy DOES write her own songs. All of the songs on her album "One of The Boys" were either co-written or completly written by her infact.

Let's face facts--Lilly needed some attention for her record and she's going to insult Katy whenever she needs it again.

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