Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kristinia DeBarge - Exposed (Retail Album)
She is getting alot of airplay here in Ireland for her single "Goodbye" so once I heard it I was hooked. Her style is R&B so expect alot of slow songs on the album! There are some I like however like "Somebody" and "Dies In Your Eyes". Check it out!
Track Listing:
01. Somebody
02. Future Love
03. Speak Up
04. Goodbye
05. Sabotage
06. Dies In Your Eyes
07. Powerless
08. Cried Me A River
09. Doesnt Everybody Want To Fall In Love
10. Its Gotta Be Love
11. Disconnect

Download #1: Kristinia DeBarge - Exposed
Download #2: Kristinia DeBarge - Exposed

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