Thursday, April 30, 2009

Agnes - Dance Love Pop
I downloaded this album a while ago but never really listened to it until it grew on a big way! Her single that's making it big here in the UK & Ireland is "Release Me" and it's a great track! This album is very good which made me download her older albums which aren't as good. I defo recommend this album! And remember the more thanks you give, the more posts we post!Here's the tracklisting:
01 Release Me
02 On And On
03 Love Me Senseless
04 How Do You Know
05 I Need You Now
06 Look At Me Now
07 Don't Pull Your Love Out
08 Open Your Eyes
09 Sometimes I Forget
10 Big Blue Wall
(highlighted in bold are tracks to look out for)
Download #1: Agnes - Dance Love Pop
Download #2: Agnes - Dance Love Pop


Anonymous said...

link is no good

Anonymous said...

thank you for this!!

Sean Dempsey said...

Works fine? And no problem XD

Bravo said...

Hi can u post it at or i cant get it from its blocked. thanks

Anonymous said...

I think she is gonna make it big. I like her a lot... Especially in the video for Release me... That track is an instant hit!

Anonymous said...
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