Monday, January 26, 2009

Now I know what you guys are thinking. What is this, does have this anything to do with music or you guys? Not with music, but to do with me. My friend Brittney & I(Chris) are planning to start our own clothing line with all types of clothing, accessories, cologne/perfume, etc. We are just at the beginning stages, and I am posting about this to get opinions, advice, offers, etc. So people, please post questions, opinions, advice, and whatever else. THANK YOU!


Joey said...

OH! I remember this from Spill it Now. I was telling you about what I learned in school with starting your own business, and you said you took my SN on aim so we could chat or whatever... Yeah I don't ever go on AIM. The best way to reach me is through my blog or email. :) Just so you know, if you need anything, give me a holler.

Ben said...

Good Idea, Pictures asap?

Chris said...

actually we don't have any yet.
it is in the very beginning stages