Saturday, January 03, 2009

EXMMusic Presents: Best Of 2008
Hey guys! Well, just looking at my other little fun game (iTunes Top 10) and seeing how much your liking it, I'm deciding to do more things that include you guys too. But this does not mean I'm forgetting about all the latest music & video posts! So basically, what this is, is a EXMMusic Award! I think this will be the first year this is ever done if Chris hasn't done it before. Well this is what happens:
1) I'll post the category's you can vote for in the very next post.
2) You then send an e-mail to entitled "Exmmusic Votes" with your votes for each category. (Don't worry, all votes are private)
3) The top 4 bands,singers,actress',actors etc. with the most votes are put into polls which you can vote for here on the site.
3) Sending emails to me is open until Monday and then I'll post seperate polls for each category so that everyone can vote on Monday/Tuesday.
4) The poll's will be open until Sunday 11th January 2009. Winners will then be announced!
NOTE: Vote for ONE person/movie/song in each category only!
This should be really fun if we all get involved!

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