Sunday, January 04, 2009

Best Of 2008
With overwhelming emails, I have to say thank you so much! But I also gotta say, the first round of voting is over! It's just taking so much outta me to keep up! So the next part of voting is upon is, which I think is even more fun! All you gotta do is vote for YOUR favourite out of all of these categories & the winner's will be announced next sunday! Have fun voting!


Anonymous said...

Ok so some of the nominees don't make any sense. Like for best male singer...why is Justin nominated he didn't have any music out this year same goes for Kelly Clarkson in the best female singer catagory.

Anonymous said...

Britney for Person Of 2008, Best Banner, Sexiest Female Celeb, Most Improved In 2008, Most Outrageous Celeb & Best Female Singer!!!!!!!! Come on Brit fans :-)