Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just To Clear Up.
Hi, first of all this SEAN who is posting. Make sure you get that right next time you accuse me of posting something I didn't. Now, I posted the Ciara album for download and said it was an exclusive, ok so it wasn't, it just a way of getting you to download it. If you say i'm "stealing" that post than that is just plain stupid and childish. Your the ones stealing music... I'm only putting it out there for you's to decide whether or not to download it. I want to say thanks to JayB for putting the album on his blog which I decided to post on Chris' blog too. But I have to say JayB, it's very immature when you say I stole the tracklist and artwork off you, did you make the tracklist and artwork? Now, some of you hate me, I dont know why seeing as you dont know me but all im doing is posting when Chris cant. If you'd perfer a blog without any posts than whats the point?
To those of you who have been so nice and thanking me for the posts AND saying my song was great, even though it really isn't lol, thank you SO much. I really mean it!

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