Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hannah Montana-It's All Right Here[Music Video]


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Anonymous said...

AMA's were hot tonight! DIVAS LIVES lol Christina showed why people liekd her int he frist place with ehr natural talent, focusing on that voice. Quite humble for her to do the old version of "Genie". Pink was like Janis Joplin with glam all over her body. I'm so glad Mariah chose SPANX, and a puch-up bra, and 30 year old woman's gown to perform. Mimi looked impatinet int he beginning, but did awesome later in the song. Miley had one of the best productions of the night! Her peorformance was her best ever! With her birthday happenign that night, her bf, "Bolt" high on the box - office, "Breakout" re-release, and that stellar Disney bday, it was quite easy for her to have the drive and happiness to deliver an amazing performance. Alot of painful feelings brought Taylor Swift to perform a heart breaking sad tearful and depressive version of "White Horse". Watching that performance makes me want to teepee Joe Jonas's house. Speaking of Joe Bros. Pretty good performance but everytime I look at Joe I think: heartbreaker, player, typical rockstar player. But Jo Bros delivered a Duran Duran lazor like performance. You can tell they want to mature more ont he next album. And hearing the puberty coming out of Nick's voice I can see why. BEyonce had such a fierce beginning with that silouhette shadow walk. FIERCE SASHA FIERCE! The AMA's was so good any awards show scheduled after this one has alot of pressure. Because this one was not only fierce. It was SASHA FIERCE!