Monday, November 10, 2008

Collab Channel Auditions?

Since this is my blog, I can post whatever I want even it's not music always. This video is of me asking for auditions to start a collab channel on youtube like others have done. I really want to start one with either 5-7 people, so people out there, come on!!! Hope to hear from any of you guys. THANKS IN ADVANCE!


HH said...

What Do You Mean with A Collab channel on Youtube??
I come here every day for maybe 2 months ago so i would love to help if i Can...

And I Love Music!!!!

Chris said...

if you watched the video, i'm sure you will understand.

i mean by collab channel
where we have 5-7 people
each person for each day
and a person has a set day that they do a video every week for.

hope ya can help :]
& thanks!

Justin said...

I've been coming here for almost 12months! Would be fun! I don't know if I would have anything to bring to the table each week. I don't even know where leaked muziek comes from (lol). Well, anyhow, is my link if you think of something that maybe I can bring?

Anonymous said...

you're so cute :)

Chris said...

you dont have to be up to date with music, it can be anything you want

Anonymous said...

You are SO sexy ! I want you.

Dreamer said...

Uhhhhh!! i wanna but i dunt have no CAm :((

anyway itll be my pleasure to work with U ;P