Friday, February 15, 2008

Hi guys! I am sure you are all aware of the drama that unfolded this week in the music blogging world. We have lost & almost lost really good blogs. I am truly sorry, you will be missed. But I can't dwell on that for I have my own to run. But since this has happened, I decided to go through my affiliates, and if you hadn't posted in months or you were closed, I deleted you from the list. Now if there people out there that want to be affiliates, just leave a comment on this post or in the comment box, and we gladly can be. And if I deleted you, and you are up & running, tell me and I will put you back. Can't wait to hear you from you guys & looking towards the future! THANK YOU!!!! :)


KaleosBoomBox said...

i know man i used to check out kevipod and the other music blogs too bad their gone right now. im down to be a affiliate pls add me up. .. keep in touch peace!

Rodo Ros Music said...

I love your blog and I would love to be affiliates! I added you already, add me too! Go to my blog and leave a comment!

Rodo Ros Music said...

Hehe xD i forgot to leave my link:

Bronse.adyta said...

i cnat affiliates plz


blog #1 in latin americ of music!!


Bad Influence said...

heyy yeah it's truly a loss to have Kevin go out like that. I've been a fan of his site for quite some time. I hope everything works out with him.
But here's my blog I'd looovvve if we could be affiliates
-Blazing Swarm, AJ

Casey said...

Our Site Is Called Music City and we would love to become Affiliates :)

i will put you on my site now :)

VenusMercurio said...

You deleted Castle Media as an affiliate but I am definately up and running! I'm sorry this happened to you!!


Again, I'm so sorry your hard work got hurt!

Anonymous said...

hi there can u pls add me up as ur affiliate

Thanks !

Tony said...

Hey, It'a Tony from "THIS IS MUSIC" I went on HIATUS, now I'm back. I still have your link in my aff, if you coulf add me again that would be great.


Felino, 24 Year said...

Keep doing a great job dude!! Salutes from Sweden!! Visit my blog sometimes if U wanna:

ps. Your cousins are so dame cute!