Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Episode 7 Recap
This episode left off where last week's did. With the Brandi & Vanessa fight, Vanessa leaves & Brandi also leaves making Tila sad & mad. So the challenge in this time was a chocolate one. Bobby won the 1 on 1 date with Tila. But the others had to a 3 way date. So it was Ryan, Dani, & Tila on one date, and the other date was Amanda, Domenico, & Tila. The next day after that the doorbell rings, and it is Brandi. She has come back to apologize and for a second chance. But Tila doesn't give her that second chance. At elimnation, Domenico went home this time. Bobby, Dani, Ryan, & Amanda are the 4 left. And next week's episode, Tila will be traveling to each one of their hometowns. Who will go home next?!(WHAT YOU THINK?!)

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