Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is a video I made today for Tila Tequila. I am probably one of her biggest fans. Really this video is about me saying how I feel about her & her success. She has worked really hard for where she is at right now. She doesn't care what other people say about her, and doing that is always a good thing. She is in a good place and I wish her all the best. And hope maybe soon she will see this video. I LOVE YOU TILA. And oh yes, I did say in the video that I would love to help promote, and it is true I really would.


Anonymous said...

That looks like the shirt Troy was wearing in HSM. Except his is green. :) Hope Tila sees your video!


Chris said...

haha i know.
but his was red lol


Anonymous said...

He has a green one in HSM1. :)
HSM2 was a red one!


BMz said...

I love Tila's new song "Stripper Friends"