Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ghost Whisperer Youtube Contest
This isn't music related, but it is related to me. Last week I saw that Ghost Whisperer was having a YouTube contest what they are calling The Scariest Story Ever Told. They making a story with lines that people video response, and if yours is picked you will be in the final video. Well Friday night I submitted mine, and today CBS contacted me through youtube saying that they loved my line, and mine will be in the final video, but I would need to sign a release form & fax/email/mail it to them. I am doing that tomorrow. I am going to put my video & the contest video in this post for you guys to see. When the final video is posted, I will show you guys it! IM SO EXCITED!!!



Duci said...

I really love Ghost Whisperer, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. You could put more stuff from her!

Anonymous said...

congratulations. I entered that too. Really happy for you. (: