Thursday, September 13, 2007

New iPod Nano
Recently Apple has come out with this new iPod nano. It plays video just like the bigger iPod's did. They come in 5 colors for right now, they are: silver, blue, red, green, & black. I think these ones are alot nicer then the regular nanos, but the regular nanos are still nice. By the end of the year I am gonna own one of these.
I made a video about these & how I want so bad:



Chad said...

what the fuck is this shit? why are you mad that Apple Inc. has been smart enough to improve each year on its technology, so as to allow its rabid consumer base to purchase the newest and "coolest" model, and then come out with something even better, thus making the same consumers repurchase the technology they essentially already have. Just because you jumped to conclusions and on the bandwagon with your sissy ipod nano, doesn't make it wrong for Apple to keep updating their technology. Sorry but you bring forward no logical points, just a big waste of time.

Chris said...

i am not mad at apple at all! i just really want one of these

alonehomme said...

hey I've been visiting your blog for a while now and absolutely love your taste in music. Anyhow I'm just floored at how cute and adorable you are! I really hope you get the video nano you want ;)

Chris said...

thanks alot alonehomme :]