Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears VMA Performance Controversy
Britney threatened to ditch her VMA performance just minutes before she took the stage. Want to know why? Britney overheard Sarah Silverman rehearsing her monologue in which she calls Britney's babies mistakes and takes jab after jab at Britney.Britney made it very clear with MTV that Sarah was NOT allowed to talk about her kids, and MTV agreed. Perhaps this why Britney looked upset during her performance.
And also:
Britney Spears was to perform under the magic of Chris Angel... but MTV freaked out at the last minute finding out what Britney was actually going to do. Supposedly, what Britney and Chris were planning was to do a set of mirrors and flotation. But when told to the Palms Hotel/Casino... the hotel flipped. Insurance was the main problem, and the stage couldn't support the performance. MTV also freaked at the last minute because of their fear of being "too controversial" during the performance. Britney and Chris were infact furious with MTV's sad excuse and told Britney to change the performance at the last minute. Britney's original performance was to infact appear and disappear. To float through the air... and for much mature dancing.


Cierra said...

MTV sucks. Totally ruined it for her, if in fact that is true. Also, Sarah was out of line. It's one thing to pick on someone but another to insult their children.

GreekCharmed said...

Ok this is what I think:
Lets think about it:
You are a professional singer/performer who has been the bread and water to every tabloid magazine/site/blog there is in the world and you have planned your big comeback to the letter to prove that you are not last years news. You hired Chris Angel, you want the mirrors, you want the acrobatics, dancers, floation, you have done rehearsals and you're good to go.
5 minutes before going on air you are soooo nervous and you want everything to be perfect to make a good impression and for once appear in the tabloids with POSITIVE remarks but....
The host cancels all your plans for Chris Angel, for mirrors, for choreography with acrobatics, for almost everything. You're forced withink 5 minutes to get yourself together and improvise so that you can, under the circumstances, make a decent appearence.
Then 1 minute before you go on you overhear the main presenter rehearsing the speech she will give after your performance and your world and strength crumbles the minute you hear her talking bad abiut your kids. Two little innocent kids for crying out loud. You hear her insults, you hear her appauling blabber and suddenly you are called on stage.
Wouldnt you be scared? Wouldnt you be afraid that after all these that have happened before 5 minutes, the audience will be waiting to feast on you with their judging eyes? Wouldnt you try to dance however you could in those 10 inches black boots and without all the choreography that you had practiced to do? Wouldnt you worry and ask yourself Oh My God did my two kids just saw that the presenter is dissing on me? What will they think, how will the feel?
I would do all these.
I was never a Britney fan, I like overall 2-3 of her songs, I do not like what she has become post-Kevin but she is a HUMAN BEING and she deserves at least a bit of respect. She has been off her game for a long time, she has made friendships with the wrong people, has been advised by the wrong people, has made many stupid mistakes but she did not deserve this. Yes she may have had all these coming to her, but at least she tried, even like that.

Emilie said...

SARA SUCKED. No wonder Britney was so out of it - it was because of sara speech

AK said...

I heard that she was 3 hours too late for the reheasals and then instead of reheas it then, she went to her room, and ordered 3 drinks, when she later arrived to that last reheasal she had a magarita in her hand. About her clothes: she was actually supposed to wear something (i don't know what it's called in english) that covered her stomach, but still looked really hot and sexy, but Britney wanted it to be even sexier... Don't know what's going on for her??!