Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Spice Girls Are Back!!!!
The rumors are true! After being split for 7 years, they are finally back together. They announced today in a press conference and also announced that they are going to do 11 tour dates worldwide. And having a greatest hits cd out around Christmas time. This is really exciting because when they were really popular, I was a huge fan!
Here are the tour dates:
Los Angeles - December 7

Las Vegas - December 8
New York - December 11
London - December 15
Koln - December 20
Madrid - December 23
Beijing - January 10
Hong Kong - January 12
Sydney - January 17
Cape Town - January 20
Buenos Aires - January 24


MAK said...

yea they weren't very good 10 years ago, i think they waited way too long to try a comeback.....

RobsDobs said...

umm no toronto show that sucks