Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beyonce Pulling B-Day Re-Release
She had to pull the re-release off the shelves because of the song Still In Love(Kissing You). You can read the atricle at the link at the bottom. The source is MTV.


Jarvis said...

this is an outrage. I was waiting for her re release album and then they pull out of the shelves. What is this?

Anonymous said...

They still sell it illegally at Wal*Mart, with track 8 still being " Still In Love Kissing U". I bought mine last night for only 5 bucks, and they are also still illegally selling the DVD with the Music Video for the song. I got it for 9 bucks. AND, they re-released the re-release , with the song called " IF " as track 8, and the second disc is the DVD instead of the Spanish CD, and contains all the music vids, minus the Kissing You Video.

Anonymous said...

I bought two extra copies to sell on Ebay as well, heheheheh.